What we do

BluBug’s wireless sensors report directly through your existing WiFi™ or Ethernet network to the cloud so that you can see information whenever you want and wherever you are.

BluBug’s top-level technology lets you choose what you want to do easily and quickly. Browse online to see the measurements logged into the secure cloud server, change sensor settings and analyse data in detail. Offline, the cloud can send you alerts so that you can rest assured that everything is doing fine without you.

For BluBug partners developing specific markets, we offer a wide range of services and expert support. When measurement-driven models are required, such as for horticulture, to predict the onset of a bug based on temperature and humidity history, we can develop the necessary software extensions. If you are looking to measure something different, we can develop new sensors to meet your requirement.

For our larger customers who wish to keep everything in-house, we can deploy our cloud service on your corporate network.